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Braves Daily News Digest: 7/1

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Your morning/afternoon source for news and links concerning the Atlanta Braves and the rest of baseball.

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Atlanta Takes Victory After New York Basically Hands It To Them

For 7 innings, the New York Mets were in the driver's seat, leading 3-1 after scoring 1 run each in the first 3 innings of the game. Then the bottom of the 8th happened, and that's when the bottom fell out for the Mets. 1 error set the table for Tommy La Stella, who got credit for an RBI single. He wouldn't get credit for the error from Juan Lagares that led to the game-tying run coming in. The game-winning run came from yet another Mets error. The Mets made 3 errors and had 1 walk that led to 3 runs in that frame. You probably won't see the Braves get a bigger gift this season than the one the Mets gave them last night.

Gattis Goes On The Shelf

The injury bug has bitten the Braves again, as Evan Gattis will indeed have to spend time on the DL with what's been officially diagnosed as a bulging disk in his back. The injury comes at a pretty bad time as Gattis was in the midst of a stretch where his batting numbers were at .290/.342/.558 with 16 HRs and a team-leading wRC+ and ISO of 149 and .268, respectively. Needless to say, this is a pretty big blow to the Braves' offense, as the dropoff at the plate from El Oso Blanco to Christian Bethancourt and Gerald Laird will be steep, to say the least.

B.J. Will Be Leading Off For The Time Being

Fredi Gonzalez has been tinkering around with the leadoff spot recently. First he experimented with Tommy La Stella as the leadoff guy after Jason Heyward's long run as the leadoff hitter ended. Now, the leadoff experiment has moved on to B.J. Upton, and Fredi appears set to keep B.J. in that spot until further notice. Here's Fredi justifying the decision:

"I like (Jason) Heyward in the middle of the lineup. Why not try somebody who hasn’t done it (this season)? When I came up to (Upton) in Washington and said we were thinking about doing it, he had a big smile on his face. We didn’t break it out ‘till Houston."

Carpenter Will Probably Be Activated On Wednesday

From the "good news" department, David Carpenter's return to the bullpen is imminent. After throwing a sterling inning of work for the G-Braves in which he struck out the side, the righty is now slated to be activated from the DL on the first day of asking, which would be Wednesday. Carp's ERA is 4.23, but his FIP is 2.71 and his xFIP is 3.25, which seems to indicate that luck has not been on Carp's side this season. Here's hoping that Lady Luck returns when Carpenter does.

J-Up Calls Freddie The Linchpin Of The Braves' Offense

The AJC's David O'Brien made note of the fact that Freddie Freeman has traditionally been a tormentor of the Mets, whether he's in a slump or not. After he cited his numbers, DOB also made a point to reveal some comments that Justin Upton made about our 1st baseman. Needless to say, they were words of encouragement and support:

"He’s a big piece for us — we all know that," Braves left fielder Justin Upton said. "We know when he’s struggling we have to pick up the pieces, and when he’s going we all go. So he’s important for us. I think if he continues to swing the bat well it puts us in a good situation."

Bethancourt Wants To Make Impression In Extended Stay In The Majors

With Evan Gattis going to the DL and neither Gerald Laird or Ryan Doumit being suited for everyday backstop work, that has opened up a spot for rookie catcher Christian Bethancourt to have a relatively long stay in the big leagues, which is also an opportunity to impress the higher-ups of the Braves' organization. However, this is cramping Bethancourt's Futures Game style, as it's looking like Bethancourt will have to miss that game after getting called up. According to Zach Dillard of Fox Sports South, Bethancourt made it clear that he'd rather be with the big league club than playing with the futures squad if it came to that.

Floyd Has Surgery, Waits For Potential Prognosis

Once again, it's a case of good news/bad news for Gavin Floyd. The good news is that Floyd's olecranon is now known as a "surgically-repaired olecranon," which means that it should be structurally sound for the time being. The bad news is that since this is such a rare injury for pitchers, there's no clue as to when Floyd can come back, and the doctors won't have be able to tell Floyd about those matters until July 24th. Until then, all Floyd can do is rest.


Houston's Database Gets Breached, Trade Talks Get Leaked

An information security breach happened within the Houston Astros organization, which led to all of their trade talks over the past 10 months being leaked to the public. As a result of the breach, the Astros have gotten the FBI involved in an effort to find out who leaked it, which means that whoever gets caught is gonna get it. Meanwhile, our friend Grant Brisbee over at SB Nation MLB took a closer look at the information that was leaked. If I'm being totally honest, it was way too cool to actually get an inside look at a baseball front office's plans.

Machado Loses Appeal, Started Serving 5-Game Ban Last Night

After tossing his bat at an Oakland A's player back in early June, Manny Machado decided to appeal the suspension. Of course, Machado lost the appeal, so he finally began serving the 5-game suspension for being a general menace to Oakland's baseball team. It was no shock that Machado lost the appeal, and it's clear that he was just trying to push the suspension back as far as possible.

Detroit Tops Oakland With Walk-Off Grand Slam

The Oakland Athletics are back in the News Digest, except this time, they're the ones being victimized. The team doing the work this time is the AL Central-leading Detroit Tigers, and specifically Rajai Davis who delivered a walk-off Grand Slam with his team down 3 to win the game. To say that he came up huge in a big situation would be an understatement.

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