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Braves Received $500 Million From Reworked TV Deals

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The Braves and Liberty Media recently reworked a deal which sees the team receive a lot more money from television than before.

J. Meric

One of the things that may have been holding the Braves back financially was the fact that their TV deal, which was locked in until 2027, lagged far behind other megadeals for television money that teams like the DodgersPhillies, and Rangers made.

It appears, however, that those times have changed, as the Braves and Liberty Media reportedly reworked their TV deal and could receive up to $500 million in revenue over the life of the new reworked deal as a result of reworked TV deals.

From the AJC's article on the matter:

"The Braves have done many things well over the last few years," [Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei] said. "They have not been a cash consumer. They have not been an enormous payroll company. They have created a great product with a controlled payroll, and accordingly have been a profitable team.

"And most recently the actions that they are taking to create the new stadium and the complex around it … are going to create a lot of value for the Braves. So that asset has gone up quite nicely in value over the last several years, and I expect the completion of the stadium will continue that trend."

Although the reworked deal doesn't appear to be as lucrative as the other deals mentioned above, $500 million is still $500 million. Combine that with the revenue that the Braves were already anticipating as a result of the new stadium in Cobb County, and it appears that the Braves will be in a very good place financially for the foreseeable future.

It also appears to explain why the Braves have been giving out contract extensions left and right, seemingly: It looks like they are now in a better position to compete financially thanks to the money that will come from their TV deals, which should make the man in the featured image for this article pretty happy.