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GameThread 5/6: Braves vs. Cardinals

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Gavin Floyd makes his debut

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The day is here, the Braves rotation is now 100% at full force for the season (sans Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy who are out for the year) as Gavin Floyd makes his season debut. Floyd's ultimate role with the team is still to be determined, but he can do himself some big favors if he can get the Braves off of their seven game losing streak.

Opposite Floyd will be Tyler Lyons. Both starters project as more-or-less average arms. It will be up to the offenses tonight, which both have a few changes from last night. The Cardinals are benching Mark Ellis and Peter Bourjos in favor of Daniel Descalso and Jon Jay, while the Braves have re-insterted Dan Uggla in at second base and will also be starting Gerald Laird at catcher. For some inexplicable reason, Laird is batting fifth. The Braves are still going with the pitcher hitting eighth, so Andrelton Simmons will act as the second leadoff hitter as the number nine hitter. Let's get one in the win column.

Today's Lineups

Matt Carpenter - 3B Jason Heyward - RF
Yadier Molina - C Justin Upton - LF
Matt Holliday - LF Freddie Freeman - 1B
Matt Adams - 1B Chris Johnson - 3B
Jhonny Peralta - SS Gerald Laird - C
Allen Craig - RF B.J. Upton - CF
Jon Jay - CF Dan Uggla - 2B
Daniel Descalso - 2B Gavin Floyd - RHP
Tyler Lyons - SHP A. Simmons - SS