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Series Recap: Braves vs. Giants

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Scott Cunningham

To put it bluntly, this weekend sucked. It sucked every type of suck imaginable. The Braves were swept for the second straight series and have lost six in a row. Amazingly enough, they are still in first place, but only by the slimmest of leads. First and last place are only separated by 1.5 games. The Braves lost eight in a row in 2012 and nine straight in 2010, both times were before the end of May.

Nothing was wrong with Atlanta's pitching; each starter pitched well enough to win, and Wood was the only one of them to issue a walk.

Minor: 6 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs
Teheran: 7 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs
Wood: 5 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs

When the offense is clicking, those are all wins, but it wasn't and hasn't for a while. Braves hitters were 3-21 in RISP situations and stranded 25 runners on base in the three games, while the Giants were all homer-happy; all but one of their nine runs came via homer, and they were hitless in 13 RISP at-bats.

If there's anything else positive to take from the series, Jason Heyward had four hits and B.J. Upton reached base five more times (2-10, 3 walks). Heyward's average is up to .220 and Upton's OBP is over .300 now.

This offense needs to straighten up. Every time I saw an infield popup or a swing at a pitch not even close to being a strike (which was very frequently), I rubbed my eyes and groaned. These hitters are too good to be struggling the way they're struggling.

And dangit, Uggla. Learn to hit the friggin' ball to right field instead of trying to send it to the moon every time.