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Braves bats fail again, Giants sweep series with 4-1 win

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The Force was not strong with the Braves today.

Atlanta's bats continued to fail and flail as the Giants sweep the Braves with a 4-1 final score in the series finale.

Unfortunately, this game followed a similar script as the first two. San Francisco took a first-inning lead on a groundout (their first non-HR run scored in the series), but then Atlanta got a gift in the third to tie the score. After Ramiro Pena singled with one out, Madison Bumgarner picked up Alex Wood's sacrifice bunt and threw it away, allowing Pena to advance to third; Pena would score on Jason Heyward's sacrifice fly.

Brandon Crawford homered in the fourth to regain the lead for the Giants. Wood gritted his way through five innings and 104 pitches, but struck out seven and stranded eight Giants on base.

Crawford added a two-run homer in the eighth.

Atlanta only had four RISP opportunities and left six on base. They certainly didn't help themselves by popping up and swinging at junk pitches with regularity. Heyward popped out with two on in the fifth to end the inning, and in the sixth with a runner at third, Justin Upton popped up on the first pitch and Evan Gattis struck out.

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