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GameThread 5/27: Braves vs. Red Sox

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Aaron Harang vs. Jon Lester

Scott Cunningham

After yesterday's debacle, Aaron Harang takes the mound against the Red Sox ace, Jon Lester. Lester has been great all season but got shelled by the Blue Jays the last time out. The Braves have a lineup capable of hitting lefties well, especially Justin Upton and Evan Gattis. Let's hope the Braves get out to an early lead and hold it this time.

Today's Lineups

Brock Holt - 3B Jason Heyward - RF
Xander Bogaerts - SS B.J. Upton - CF
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Freddie Freeman - 1B
David Ortiz - 1B Justin Upton - LF
Jonny Gomes - RF Evan Gattis - C
Grady Sizemore - LF Chris Johnson - 3B
David Ross - C A. Simmons - SS
Jackie Bradley - CF T. Pastornicky - 2B
Jon Lester - LHP Aaron Harang - RHP