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CACast Mailbag

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Give us your Qs, so we can give you As

Scott Cunningham

Happy Memorial Day weekend Braves fans! Today the Braves look to finish up their series against the Rockies with a win and then after the game, your hard working Talking Chop masthead will take some time from their holiday weekend to record another episode of the Capitol Avenue Club podcast. As usual your host Franklin will be joined by whichever handful of writers happen to be sober enough on a Sunday night to power up the Skype machine and talk Braves baseball. We will be talking Jason Heyward’s improved hitting but lack of power, Mike Minor’s homerun troubles, Chris Johnson’s anger management and how dumb it is that there isn’t a new Game of Thrones episode tonight.

However, this weekend we have decided to include some insightful questions from out sexy and intelligent commentariat. So in the comments below please share the questions you would like to hear the hottest of hot takes on in the newest edition of the hardest hitting Braves podcast on the internet.

Who would win if Chris Johnson and Terry Pendelton threw down in the octagon? Has Horacio Ramirez added more wins to the Braves as challenge wizard extraordinaire than he ever did as a player? Is it true Evan Gattis once punched a grizzly bear in the face?

No question is too tough and we will fearlessly answer all the ones that aren’t terrible. So ask away in the comments, on Twitter or on our Facebook page if you prefer.