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Series Recap: Braves Vs. Brewers

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Back on Sunday, we were hoping that the late, come-from-behind rally against the Cardinals would serve as a springboard for better days in the future. So far, so good, as the Braves will be heading into Memorial Day weekend off the heels of a successful series against the Milwaukee Brewers, who still managed to hold on to 1st place in the Central Division despite the Braves taking 3 out of 4.

As far as offense was concerned, the first two games of the series were 2 episodes of the Justin Upton Show, as the younger Upton brother kept up his hot streak by driving in 5 of the Braves 14 runs in the first two games. 2 of those runs came on a drive to right field that put the first game far out of hand in the late stages.

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The second game was all about Julio Teheran, who dazzled and bamboozled the Brewers on his way to his 2nd complete game shutout of the season. There was an unfortunate incident that occurred near the end, which is when a young fan was hit with a foul ball by Carlos Gomez and had to be hospitalized. All of the news following that incident was good, though; The kid was okay, and he was greeted at the hospital with visits by multiple Braves and Carlos Gomez, who showed an unbelievable level of class in his response to the incident, and it really last season's kerfuffle far in the rear view, which is where it belongs.

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After a blip in the third game that saw Kyle Lohse exhibit total control over the Braves on the way to a 6-1 victory for Milwaukee, the Braves waited until the late stages of Game 4 to bounce back and take the series. In a strange 7th inning, Gerald Laird (playing in lieu of an ill Evan Gattis) and Ryan Doumit delivered back-to-back RBIs, and the 3 runs batted in were enough to pull the Braves ahead of the Brewers to give them the series victory.

Overall, the Braves continued to exhibit control over the NL Central (10-5 against our friends in that division), Julio Teheran returned to the ace that we know and love, and aside from one game, the offense showed life and plenty of it. Other than a sweep, that's about as positive of a result that you can get from a 4-game series, especially with the team welcoming a pretty good Colorado Rockies team to town for the upcoming weekend series.