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Braves Daily News Digest: 5/22

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Your morning/afternoon stop for all the latest Braves news and other top stories around the league.

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Braves News

Reynolds Grand Slam Dooms Braves From The Get-Go

After jumping on the Brewers early in the first two games of the series, the Milwaukee repaid the favor to the Braves in spades, as a 1st inning Grand Slam from Mark Reynolds doomed the Braves early and also handed Santana his second consecutive losing effort. On the bright side, Justin Upton drove in the lone run of the night for the Braves continuing his torrid run.

Braves Players And Gomez Visit Fan Struck By Foul Ball

A scary moment in Tuesday's game occurred late in the game when Carlos Gomez hit a foul ball that unfortunately hit a kid right in the head. The kid had to go to the hospital, but thankfully, the young fan was reportedly OK and even better, Gomez, Julio Teheran, and other Braves players visited the youngster in an effort to keep his spirits high. Definitely a class act from the professionals here.

It's A Long Way From 2012 For Teheran

As evidence of the immense strides that Teheran's made since his permanent call-up to the bigs, Julio joined elite company as he became the first Braves pitcher to get more than 1 shutout in a single season since Hall-of-Famer Greg Maddux did it in 2001. That's very nice company to keep.

Braves Are Dealing With Injuries Just Fine

In a special article for, Mike Bauman admits that most people wrote the Braves off in March after injuries struck their rotation hard. However, thanks to the organization refusing to panic and still making astute signings while keeping faith in their young guns, the Braves are now in a pretty sustainable position for the rest of the season. From the article:

With a combination of astute acquisitions and the kind of organizational pitching depth that the Braves have justifiably become known for, what you have here so far is a story of meeting adversity head-on, and emerging with not only a will, but a way.

Gattis Stays Out Of Lineup With Illness

For the second night in a row, Evan Gattis sat out of the game due to viral symptoms. Unlike Tuesday night's shock, this was no surprise, as El Oso Blanco himself reported that he was still feeling ill on Wednesday afternoon. Gattis was still available to pinch hit, but since the game was basically over early on, there was no need for Gattis to pick up a bat. Gattis should be back in the lineup today, though.

League Wide News

Cleveland Beats Detroit On Balk-Off

The Tigers and Cleveland have played one doozy of a series, and they capped it off with a slugfest that ended in a weird manner: A balk. After 13 innings and 21 runs between the two, this colossal struggle between two AL Central rivals ended with a bases-loaded balk. Incredible.

Weaver Beffuddles Astros In Complete Game Win

No Trout, no problem for the Los Angeles Angels as they rode a 2-hit, complete game performance from Jered Weaver (his first complete game since 2012) to a 2-1 win over the Houston Astros. The difference in the game offensively came from Albert Pujols, who hit the HR that gave the Angels their 2nd and ultimately game-winning run.

Cincinnati Gains Bruce, Loses Votto

The Reds had a bittersweet day on Tuesday. Just as they were getting back a key player in Jay Bruce, they lost the key player of the team, as Joey Votto was put on the DL (retroactive to the 16th) with a quadricep injury. Votto was hitting .257/.410/.449 with 6 HRs and 143 wRC+ before he suffered the injury.

Oakland Gets 1 Hit And Still Wins

The Oakland Athletics have surged to the top of baseball with a record of 30-16, and you know you're hot when you're winning games with only one hit. That was the case in Tampa yesterday as the A's managed to beat the Rays 3-2. In fact, at one point during the game Oakland was up 2-0 and didn't have a hit. When things are going well, they're going well.

Olivo Gets Suspension For Tysonesque Incident

The Dodgers organization had to deal with a bizarre altercation that ended with former MLB veteran Miguel Olivo reportedly pulling a Mike Tyson by taking a bite out of the ear of one of the Dodgers' top prospects, Alex Guerrero. Olivo has been suspended "pending the completion of an investigation," and the incident led to this hilarious quote from Scott Boras:

"Cannibalizing a player is not a part of baseball."

Never in my life did I think that that sentence would be used in the realm of sports with a straight face. Baseball is the best.