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Gomez, Laird and Johnson visit Braves fan struck by ball

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Julio Teheran will be sending along his complete game shutout ball, too.

Scott Cunningham

Last night's Braves and Brewers game had a startling hiccup, as fans and players alike were upset during as a young fan was hit in the face with a foul ball off the bat of Carlos Gomez. I, and many others, watched in horror as Gomez came close to tears, while Julio Teheran crouched on the mound in apparent shock. Chip, Joe and Tom made sure to keep updating viewers to the situation, and it was confirmed the fan had been taken to the hospital late last night.

While the family of the kid is trying to keep their name out of the media for obvious reasons, that didn't stop members of both the Braves and Brewers from visiting him in hopes of making a small difference. Gomez, who was clearly seen praying before he took his next pitch, visited him in the hospital this morning.

Braves fans have especially had it out for Gomez after his infamous spat with Brian McCann last year, booing him at every occasion, but I've seen all over twitter today how people are rethinking that. Maybe he's not the jerk most thought he was?

Along the same vein, Gerald Laird and Chris Johnson took memorabilia to the fan last night, although he missed their visit.

Teheran got in on the action, too. I loved hearing him say he'd send the game ball to his mother during Braves Live, but he's now changed his mind to give it to the fan. I'm sure his mom will understand the sweet gesture.

It's sad that it sometimes takes a tragic situation to think about our favorite (or unfavorite) players as humans, but it's a powerful reminder of how sports can bring us together. Well done by both organizations.