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Teheran And Bats Are On Point In 5-0 Shutout Of Brewers

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Julio Teheran threw his 2nd complete game shutout of the season as the Braves offense continued their roll.

Scott Cunningham

Julio Teheran more than made up for his slip-up in San Francisco, as this outing went as well as the other outing was bad: A complete game, 6-hit, 8 K shutout of the Brewers helped give the Braves win #25 of the season and their 4th consecutive victory over the Brewers.

The game started pretty slowly, with neither team cracking the "R" column of the scoreboard until the 3rd inning. That's when Andrelton Simmons uncorked on a 90-mph from Yovani Gallardo. The ball eventually landed deep in the left field seats, and it put the Braves up by 1.

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Immediately after Simba's moonshot, Laird got on base with a single. He'd move up to 2nd with a sacrifice bunt from Julio Teheran, and moved to 3rd thanks to a wild pitch from Gallardo. The next two batters walked, and the currently-aflame Justin Upton made Gallardo pay for the free passes by hitting a bases-loaded grounder to left that scored Laird and Ramiro Pena. The Braves ended the inning up 3, and once again, the Braves would sit on an early lead and keep it until the end.

Yovani Gallardo's rough night came to a painful end in the bottom of the 4th. With Simmons on 2nd and B.J. Upton on 3rd with 1 out, Julio Teheran hit one up the middle. The play was eventually botched by Scooter Gennett and Jean Segura. Their defensive lapse allowed B.J. Upton to score to make it 4-0. The Brewers paid an even bigger price in the form of losing Yovani Gallardo to injury, as the Brewers righthander ended up injuring his left leg while making a jumping attempt to catch Teheran's ball. There's no word on the severity of the injury, but here's hoping that it isn't too serious.

Gallardo's replacement from the bullpen was Tyler Thornburg, and just as the Braves jumped on Wei-Chung Wang last night, Justin Upton did the same as he somehow muscled a 91-mph cutter into the opposite field seats for a solo homer. The shot made it 5-0, and that'd be the end of the scoring for the Braves.

That would be plenty of support for Teheran, who proceeded to cruise through the rest of the game (even though he had to throw nearly 130 pitches). Although he allowed the Brewers to get runners on 1st and 3rd in the top of the 9th, the ace of the Braves rotation displayed an excellent finishing kick by retiring the last two Brewers batters of the game via strikeout to end his excellent redemption from the calamitous outing in San Francisco and earn his 2nd complete game shutout of the season.

All-in-all, it was another easy win for the Braves, and it looks like things are beginning to click for guys with the tomahawks across their chests.

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