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Braves officially sign Chris Johnson to a three year extension

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Chris Johnson signs an extension to be with the Braves for three more years, at least.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Braves official twitter account, the team and Chris Johnson have agreed to a three year contract extension with a club option for a fourth. The deal is worth $23.5 million with the club option being worth $10 million.

With the general lack of third base options both internally and externally, I can see why the Braves are willing to extend Johnson. I have my concerns around CJ 2.0, mainly that his performance is so driven on one specific tool. I don't think the terms of the deal will be too expensive given Johnson's history of modest production, and the Braves clearly want to have an understanding of what their payroll is going to look like as they head into Cobb County.

One important factor to consider is that currently Johnson is also the team's backup first baseman. Were anything to happen to Freddie Freeman, the Braves have little to nothing behind him all the way down through the minors. I believe this deal shows that the team is confident in Johnson's 2013 being at least somewhat for real and that there is little faith placed in Edward Salcedo becoming the player many thought he once would become.

As someone who does not have much faith in the Chris Johnson of 2013 being the real Chris Johnson, this is the first in this group of extensions that I am not much of a fan of. I understand why they did and I have more faith in the Braves front office to get things like this right than myself, but I am just not convinced on him yet and I worry that the deal could be a regrettable one  even as soon as this year.