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Series Recap: Marlins Put The Brooms To Braves

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Nothing went right for the Braves in this one, and now they'll try to put it behind them heading into a new series.

Chris Trotman

In the series preview, I made a bit of a snarky remark when I was going through the pitching matchups for the series against the Marlins. Jose Fernandez? Nathan Eovaldi? Henderson Alvarez? Yeah, that was a great time to visit Marlins Park, right?

Unfortunately, it was indeed a great time to visit Marlins Park...if you were the hosts. For the visitors, our Atlanta Braves, it was easily the worst series of the season as they got swept in Miami for the first time since 2006, which is back when the Marlins wore teal, represented the entire state of Florida, and played in front of 60,000 orange seats.

The first game of the series set the tone for the rest of the series, and when the first game involves getting blown out 9-0, that's a pretty bad tone-setter. Except for a 9th inning "rally," the second game was basically the same as the first: 9-3, and the Braves were never really in it from the words "Play Ball."

The third game was the most competitive of the series, which saw the Braves actually take two leads during the game. Progress! Unfortunately, they conceded the lead back to the Marlins in the very next inning on both occasions, and culminated the calamitous collection of baseball games with a 4-out save from Steve Cishek to clinch the win and the sweep.

The final overall score for the entire series? 23-7. The series also brought up a question concerning our starting pitching (and specifically, Aaron Harang): Has the other shoe finally dropped for the rotation? We all knew that there was no way that they could keep up the excellent standard that they set in the first month of the season, but I don't think anybody expected that both Alex Wood and Aaron Harang would get absolutely ransacked like they did in the first two games of the series.

So, maybe the other shoe has fallen, but they're not going to be giving up 9 runs an outing like that, surely? Plus, it did expose the offense a bit: If the pitching isn't there, this offense really can't afford to take nights off like they did for the first 17 innings of this series. Granted, most of that was due to Fernandez and Eovaldi being excellent, but it's still a bit of a concern.

Either way, all you can do now is tip your hat to the Marlins, as they played an excellent series from top to bottom and continue to be a very tough team in their home confines. Now, the Braves will come back home and start a 3-game series with the San Francisco Giants tonight. Here's hoping that the next series is much better than the previous series.