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Braves' bats stay cold, lose 4-1 to Cardinals

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Once again, the Braves could not muster any offense.

Jason O. Watson

The story is certainly getting to be old and predictable. I am confident that the Braves will snap out of this funk, but for now the offense is just killing them.

Today, only Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons, and Freddie Freeman were useful offensively, with Heyward collecting two hits, Simmons collecting three, and Freeman walking twice. Simmons' double was the team's only extra base hit and the only run scored came via an error. B.J. Upton struck out four times in four plate appearances and Justin Upton struck out twice in four, making it quite a difficult day for the Upton brothers -- though B.J. did have a very nice diving catch.

Aaron Harang pitched a solid game and looks to be more real than I originally expected. He had seven strikeouts in six innings in a losing effort that he was not given any support in. Anthony Varvaro gave up a run in a third of an inning in a "keep it close" type role.

Cardinal starter Shelby Miller has had command issues all year but walked just two batters against the Braves today. The lack of walks are starting to be a very big concern and not being able to coax a number of them against Miller is frustrating. Miller has great stuff but having watched a number of his starts last year, his mechanics has led him to immense command issues that the Braves were unable to take advantage of today.

The Braves will look to avoid a sweep tomorrow with Gavin Floyd on the mound against Jaime Garcia.