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Weekend Digest: Fernandez undergoes surgery; D-backs to honor perfecto; where's Julio Franco?

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MLB news from the past week.

Denis Poroy

Jose Fernandez undergoes Tommy John surgery

WHEN WILL IT END?! Jose is undeniably one of the best pitchers in baseball right now, but he is now the 15th pitcher since Spring Training to have the surgery. The AP has reported Fernandez's lawyer saying he had to alter his delivery in a start against San Diego after getting hit in the leg with a ground ball, and that's what led to the elbow injury.

D-backs to honor Randy Johnson's perfect game

10 years ago Sunday, Randy Johnson retired all 27 Braves he faced in the 17th perfect game in MLB history. That also happened to be the birthday of yours truly. Back then I was pretty sour about it, but I've since mellowed out a bit…a little. Just don't bring it up in conversation, mmkay? At least the Braves went to the playoffs that year and the D-backs didn't! Julio Franco played first base for the Braves in that game. Speaking of Julio...

Julio Franco to play in the independent league

For all the old fogeys out there, there's hope yet!! I'm willing to bet he's in better shape than many of us young people. It's good to see Julio doing what he does best.

You know, he has experience playing second base…just a thought. :)

Kyle Farnsworth "bitter" about Mets honoring contract

Back during Spring Training, the Mets released Farnsworth from his first minor-league contract, then they signed him to a second minor-league contract, which was an advance consent agreement. The contract stated that the Mets could release him or send him to the minors within 45 days, and Wednesday was the deadline. I doubt Farnsworth will accept an assignment to the minors, so he'll likely select free agency.

I must say, if you sign a contract that allows the team to cut you after a certain number of days, and the team does, you really have no right to feel bitter.

Before anyone says anything, NO. The Braves have enough veteran presents, thank you.

High school pitcher throws 194 pitches in 14 innings

This kid may never pitch in a major-league game, but I thought this was awesome. Before this age of relief pitchers, starters often finished each of their starts, and without injury. Now, you'd be lucky to see a pitcher have more than two or three complete games.

Committee formed to select Selig's successor

January 24, 2015 will be a day of celebration; a celebration of such magnitude, it should be a national holiday. That will be when Bud Selig officially steps down as the MLB commissioner. Hopefully, the new guy can do the job Selig could only dream of doing. Six team owners make up the committee: Dick Monfort (Rockies), Arte Moreno (Angels), Dave Montgomery (Phillies), Bob Nutting (Pirates), Jim Pohlad (Twins), and Jerry Reinsdorf (White Sox).