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Series Recap: Braves at Giants

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Jason O. Watson

In Atlanta's first trip out west this year, the Braves dropped two out of three to the first-place Giants. The hit-or-miss offense of the Braves showed some actual improvement in this series, mostly in the last two games.

Braves hitters proved to be impatient with Tim Lincecum again, making him look better than he has been this year. He did walk four batters, but only B.J. Upton managed to get any hits off him. The offense swung at junk and didn't help out Gavin Floyd any, who pitched another great game until the seventh inning came unraveling on him.

Mike Minor returned to form after an ugly performance against St. Louis. He allowed just three hits in 6.2 innings and struck out six for Atlanta's sixth shutout win of the year.

The offense showed much improvement this time around. They were 4-9 in RISP situations; Freddie Freeman's single in the sixth scored Jason Heyward, who gave us the highlight of the series: eluding a tag by sliding around Buster Posey to score the run. One could make an argument for the Evan Gattis triple.

In the finale, neither Julio Teheran nor Madison Bumgarner was very sharp. Teheran couldn't finish the fourth inning and walked five hitters. The dry air was attributed as being the cause for Teheran's ineffectiveness, but Bumgarner wasn't exactly fooling Braves hitters either. He gave up seven hits in five innings, five of them for extra bases. The Giants offense piled on after Teheran departed while the Braves didn't score again after the fourth inning.

B.J. Upton was ejected in the finale after finally voicing a series worth of frustrations about the strike zone. Upton struck out eight times, six of them on called third strikes and after looking at the pitches he saw in the series, it's easy to see his disagreement.