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Weekend Digest: Torre's number to be retired; Mariano disses Cano; minor league team stages epic comeback

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MLB news from the past week.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees to retire Joe Torre's #6 this summer

Torre helmed the Yankees from 1996 to 2007 and won four World Series in his first five years with them. Only Derek Jeter's #2 has not been retired by the Yankees among single digits in Monument Park, but it most certainly will after this year, leaving no more single digit jerseys for players to wear unless they want to wear a zero. Nobody wants to be a zero.

Torre also tries to diffuse Girardi-Diaz spat

This isn't the first time the Yankees and umpire Laz Diaz have butted heads. Remember in 2012, Diaz had an issue with Russell Martin throwing the ball back to the pitcher. While Diaz isn't CB Bucknor-level bad, this most recent incident edges him a little closer: Girardi was ejected in the eighth inning for arguing balls and strikes with Diaz; later that inning when Shawn Kelley was relieved, Kelley had some words for Diaz who shooed him away. The shooing was bad enough, but then Diaz ejected him for…whatever reason, I don't know…perhaps to flaunt his omnipotent authority? Kelley wouldn't have been able to come back anyway, so what was the point?

Yu Darvish loses another no-hitter in the ninth inning

At least he's not Dave Stieb, who lost THREE no-hitters with two outs in the ninth inning.

Mariano Rivera takes shots at Robinson Cano

In Rivera's new autobiography, he criticizes Cano for a lack of drive and a "red-hot passion" to be the best and actually said he'd prefer Dustin Pedroia to play behind him for a game. Cano has certainly developed a reputation for not running out ground balls. At least two other times he's been criticized for not hustling, but the author in an earlier post appears to be making excuses for him by saying he's being "smart" for letting up on easy outs.

When told about the comments, Cano brushed it off, saying "That's his opinion."

Mariners Class-A team stages awesome comeback

How often do you see a 16-run comeback? The Clinton LumberKings trailed 17-1 after five innings, but then scored 19 unanswered runs to win in extras. Mercy rule? HA! That'll be the last time any of those fans leave early!

Gregory Polanco turns down 10-year contract

The Pirates have a gem waiting in the wings in Polanco, but trying to sign him to a 10-year deal before he's even played a single major-league inning? I think it's a foolish move to make, and Polanco was wise not to take the deal.

Auto accident interrupts Matt Williams radio interview

Apparently, sports figures in automobile incidents is a common occurrence in DC. Williams was in the middle of a radio interview when someone rammed his truck from behind and then tried eluding police. Fortunately, Williams is okay. His truck? Not so much.