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Talking Chop Twitter Q&A Recap: 3/20

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Top questions and answers from Thursday night's Atlanta Braves big league discussion.

Braves country still had its fair share of questions last night about the big league club on Thursday night, even with the March Madness Round of 64 in full swing. While most with brackets struck out with an upset filled first day of action our No. one seed Ben Duronio survived the rounds of questions you all fired at him last night for an hour starting at 8:30 p.m. like always. Here are some of the top questions from the nightcap of our third weekly twitter Q&A about the Brave big league ball club.

Kimbrel is short but he'd throw a mean full court pass and his full court heaves might just break the backboard. Thank you guys for all the questions you've been sending in to @TalkingChop. Be sure again to ask us questions on Monday (minor league Q&A) and on Thursday nights.