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Talking Chop Twitter Q&A: 3/17

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Highlights of Monday's Minor League chat on Twitter

Last night was a Monday night, so you know that means: Minor League Q&A! As usual, our very own Dan Simpson took the reigns of the Talking Chop twitter account and fielded all of the questions that you had for him. In addition to the usual minor league questions, he also took a few questions concerning the majors, and even passed on a question to our friends over at the Detroit Tigers' SB Nation community, Bless You Boys. Shout out to those guys for taking the time to send a tweet and contribute to the cause. So you'll definitely be seeing them in the highlights below, in addition to other notable questions.

As usual, if you missed out on the Q&A session last night and want to read the entire thing, here's the Storify link so you can read the whole thing in all of its glory. And don't forget, we'll be right back here next Monday night for even more questions, and be sure to meet us on good ol' twitter dot com on Thursday so you will get in on the following action: