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Spring Training Open Thread 3/11: Braves vs. Phillies

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

While we will be spending most of this day pondering exactly what in the world is an "involved" ligament when it comes to Kris Medlen and whether or not there's something more to the tightness in Brandon Beachy's arm, there is still more Spring Training baseball to be played. The Braves will be hosting the Phillies today in a return fixture of yesterday's Grapefruit League tilt at Bright House Field in Clearwater. Julio Teheran will be taking the mound for the guys with the Tomahawks across their chests, and I'm sure that we're all hoping that he (along with all the other important keys to the team) can make it out of this one unscathed.

Braves Lineup:

1. Jason Heyward - RF
2. Justin Upton - LF
3. Freddie Freeman - 1B
4. Evan Gattis - DH
5. Chris Johnson - 3B
6. Dan Uggla - 2B
7. Andrelton Simmons - SS
8. Jordan Schafer - CF
9. Christian Bethancourt - C

Pitcher: Julio Teheran

Phillies Lineup:

1. Tony Gwynn Jr. - CF
2. Freddy Galvis - SS
3. Marlon Byrd - RF
4. Ryan Howard - 1B
5. Kevin Frandsen - DH
6. Dominic Brown - LF
7. Cody Asche - 3B
8. Cesar Hernandez - 2B
9. Will Nieves - C

Pitcher: David Buchanan

Game starts at 1:05 p.m. You can listen to the game on 1230 AM or 1340 AM locally, Sirius XM on Satellite Radio, or via Gameday Audio and At Bat on