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Braves Could Make a Run For Ervin Santana

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Injuries have Braves looking for more pitching depth

Ed Zurga

With Kris Medlen and now Brandon Beachy cutting their starts off early, the Braves could be looking to add more pitching before they reach opening day. Earlier today the Braves traded for Zach Stewart, and rumors are that they could be in the conversation for Ervin Santana.

Santana was once hoping to get a $100m deal, and as the Braves were in not much of a market for him there was not much written about him on this website. Santana is now looking for a one year deal to bolster his market, which could make him an option for the Braves were they to be informed that Medlen or Beachy was out for the long term. Even if Medlen and Beachy are fine, looking at the rotation with them out shows how important having pitching depth is.Gavin Floyd should be a fine addition once he is back on the hill, Zips and Steamer project him for a 3.77 and 3.66 ERA respectively, but we probably should not be so confident that he will be back to form when he returns -- look at Brandon Beachy, after all.

The concern with Santana is consistency. In three of the past five years he has had an ERA under 4.00, but in the other two his ERA was over 5.00. If the Braves invest in him even for one season, he is no guarantee to perform at the standards expected of him. Even so, I have more faith in Santana than in Garcia. When it comes to baseball contracts, the big concern from the fans are whether that money will limit the team's maneuverability with their payroll. With this being a one year-deal this late in the offseason, it won't have as much of an affect any future decisions. We are pretty much at the point that we could say "It's not my money." If the team can afford to pay him for a year then they should do it, whatever that amount may be.

We'll continue to follow the story and provide updates if the conversations heat up. In the meantime, vote on our poll about whether the Braves should go after him or not.