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Brandon Beachy Leaves Start Early

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Uh Oh

Jonathan Daniel

Brandon Beachy, who is slated to be in the rotation at the start of the season, left today's start after two innings while he was expected to throw four.

There have been no updates yet as to why he left the start early, but it is certainly easy to be worried about the exit. Beachy attempted a comeback from Tommy John surgery last season but had to be shut down after just a few starts. Hopefully this is nothing serious.

According to reports, Beachy has been working through bicep tightness. Dave O'Brien of the AJC asked him whether he would be ready for the season, and he responded with "We'll see how it recovers." Personally, I am not banking on much from Beachy this season. If he ends up being able to perform, that's great. But it isn't something I'm necessarily expecting this year as of now.