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MLB Trade Rumors: John Hart refutes Evan Gattis trade rumor

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Atlanta Braves President John Hart denies a rumor that the team is aggressively seeking a trade for Evan Gattis.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

John Hart refuted a rumor on Monday that suggested the Braves were pushing hard to trade catcher Evan GattisHart told the AJC's David O'Brien that the plan is for Christian Bethancourt to be the team's primary catcher in 2015 but that they had not yet decided whether they would trade Gattis.

"We are coming in with the idea that we don't have to trade anybody," Hart said. "We have not made a call (to see if a team is interested in any player). We have received calls on people; we haven't had any conversations yet. That (Gattis rumor) is absolutely inaccurate. And quite frankly, I think anybody that says that - if you look, I've got two corner outfielders who've got one year left (before free agency), and I've got one potential corner outfielder (Gattis) that's got four years left (under contractual control)."

Hart actually attempted to take the light off of Gattis and shine it on Justin Upton and Jason Heyward a bit. The New York Post's Joel Sherman reported Monday morning that the Braves were shopping Gattis and it was later confirmed by Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal. Hart's likely not to be too forthcoming with internal discussions but its very possible that the Braves have only sent out feelers and are using the GM meetings to measure interest in a number of players. Stay tuned.