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Terry Pendleton gets into it with Chris Johnson after Braves loss

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Brian McCann would be proud


With the Braves down 5-4 in the ninth inning on Saturday night, Chris Johnson came to the plate with a chance to tie (or win) the game.

C.J. grounded a ball sharply in the direction of Jimmy Rollins, who somehow prevented the ball from reaching the outfield. Rollins got up and fired the ball to first base. Instead of running through the bag like he had been taught since he was five years old, Johnson inexplicably dove head-first. He was called out, dropping the Braves one-game back of the Cardinals for the NL's best record.

Here's video of the incident for those who didn't see it live.

Pendleton grabs Johnson by the neck of his jersey and clearly isn't happy. I don't think anything else happened afterwards, though we'll never know because some goober at Fox Sports South changed cameras.

Not only was the dive dumb, but C.J. clearly watches the ball a bit as he's running down the line. Thanks to @CraigDesign for the vine.

You can see him slow down a little bit every time he looks at Rollins. It wouldn't have made a huge difference, but if Chris busts it immediately down the line and doesn't slide, maybe he's safe. We'll never know.

Regardless, it was weird to see TP freak out like that. I'm not sure if there's a history between the two, and it'll definitely be interesting to see if anything is mentioned before tomorrow's game. Johnson did not meet with the media after the game.