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Game Thread 9/28: Phillies at Braves

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Kevin C. Cox

1. Jason Heyward - CF
2. Justin Upton - RF
3. Freddie Freeman - 1B
4. Evan Gattis - LF
5. Chris Johnson - 3B
6. Gerald Laird - C
7. Andrelton Simmons - SS
8. Elliot Johnson - 2B
9. Mike Minor - P

Now let's talk about some pitching performances from the past season:

  • Mike Minor, not surprisingly, led the staff with 3 wins of value. Chances are he'll eclipse 200 innings today, and while he has struggled a bit in the second half, he's maintained his fantastic control and decent strikeout ability this season.
  • Kris Medlen really turned it on in the second, culminating in last night's masterpiece, and ended the season with about 2.5 wins of value. Apparently, he's just a second-half pitcher?
  • Julio Teheran really picked it up this season and was worth about as much as Medlen. After such a disappointing season in 2012, Teheran rebounded and showed a lot this season. Here's to improving in seasons to come.
  • It's always nice when your best reliever can accumulate 2 wins of value in a season, but for Craig Kimbrel, it marks his worst season in the majors. "Worst", of course, is relative, and Kimbrel remains probably the best reliever in baseball.
  • We forget about him, but Tim Hudson pitched the Braves to about a win and half's worth of value before going down. Having him around would solve that 3rd/4th starter question.
  • Alex Wood made himself known in his rookie season, and he was worth about a win and a half in just 77 innings. I don't think anyone expected him to contribute as much and as soon as he has.
  • Our other surprises come from bullpen moves this past offseason. David Carpenter and Jordan Walden were each worth about a win, and it would be nice to have Walden back for the playoffs.
  • What's really fantastic about this pitching staff - and a big reason why it ranked so highly this season - is that no one was a black hole. Cory Rasmus, Cory Gearrin, and Kameron Loe were the only ones below replacement-level, and none of them were very far below. Lots of positive contributions.