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Braves Avoid Walking Off Cliff, Win in 8th

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Johnson puts one deep into the night.

Scott Cunningham

One swing was all it took.

Cliff Lee and Kris Medlen spent most of the night trying to outdo each other. Cliff Lee absolutely laid waste to the Braves. Over 8 innings of one run ball, he struck out 13 Braves hitters. He was unbelievable. In. Out. Up. Down. Cutter. Curveball. You name it. He placed it. And the Braves couldn't hit it.

Kris Medlen was almost as good. He also went 8 innings, but he "only" struck out 7. Two-Seamer. Change. Curveball. You name it. He placed it. And the Phillies really couldn't hit. Two absolutely masterful performances, and it took all of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

It ended that early only because Chris Johnson decided to step in the middle of a pitching duel and fire off his own bullet. Going down to throw the barrel on a cutter biting low-and-in, Johnson flicked one three rows deep into left-center to give Craig Kimbrel the chance to end it, which of course he did.

There aren't too many words needed to describe this one. It was all about Lee and Medlen destroying the opposing lineups until Chris Johnson put one out.

Win Expectancy Chart

Source: FanGraphs