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Series Recap: Braves at Marlins

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Braves take 3 of 4.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The most interesting game of the series was probably the one the Braves lost.

The Braves took the first game of the series behind a strong starting performance from Kris Medlen and a five-run fourth inning. For Medlen, it was another strong start in another strong second half for the diminutive righty, and he's making everyone feel a little better about him getting a playoff start. Offensively and as it seemed all series, the offense mainly came from Evan Gattis and Chris Johnson.

Julio Teheran rebounded from a rough first inning to help the Braves take the second game of the series. After a Gattis two-run double in the top of the first, Teheran promptly coughed up the lead in the bottom half of the inning. Not too long after, the Braves would regain the lead and hold a 4-3 lead for the rest of the game. The game ended a bit weirdly as Placido Polanco doubled off Craig Kimbrel, but Jake Marisnick would pinch-run. With two outs, Kimbrel launched a ball to the backstop, but the ball bounced immediately back to Brian McCann, who whipped the ball to third to get Marisnick caught in a pickle to end the game.

There were plenty of fireworks in Wednesday's game. Giancarlo Stanton, Evan Gattis, and Jose Fernandez would all hit home runs, but it was Fernandez's that set everything ablaze. Believing that Gattis took too long admiring his home run or just having fun messing with the Braves, Fernandez reaaallllyy admired his home run, and the antics seemed to finally get to the Braves. McCann confronted the rookie as he crossed the plate, and Chris Johnson quickly ran into to add his two cents - and possibly express his displeasure over the spit ejected from Fernandez's mouth as he rounded third. Benches cleared, but that was that. Fernandez would apologize after the game, but there will probably be some tension next year when the teams meet.

Finally, Freddy Garcia actually made a solid start. Gattis and Chris Johnson added some more offense, and Freddie Freeman hit a home run on his birthday. That was enough for Garcia and the bullpen, who only allowed one run, as the Braves took the series finale, 6-1.