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Freddies Krueger Marlins, 6-1

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This is a little late.

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(Apologies for the late recap, but I was helping a relative peel wallpaper all afternoon)

Age before beauty, I guess.

Making his first start as a Brave, Freddy Garcia showed he had a little left in the tank. It was the Marlins, but six innings of one-run ball is nothing at which to sneeze. It gave Alex Wood a turn off to help him recharge heading to the playoffs. I assume a move like that is an indication that the organization plans on using him in the playoffs and probably in the rotation.

Offensively, the team busted out with a four-run third inning highlighted by two two-run doubles by Evan Gattis and Chris Johnson. Gattis continued his recent excellent stick work while Johnson added three more hits in his quest for the batting title. Out of all the surprises from this season, Chris Johnson being in the hunt for the batting title is the one I still can't actually believe is happening. Some of the others might have been unlikely - Julio Teheran being more than a fifth starter, Ramiro Pena and Jordan Schafer being actually worth a roster spot, etc. - but I literally am having trouble fathoming Chris Johnson winning a batting title, which just makes it more fun to root for. Good for him. Oh and Freddie Freeman added his 20th home run of the season on his 24th birthday, which is always cool.

Other than that, it's great to see Jordan Walden back in the bullpen. He's a key element to this team succeeding in the playoffs, and having another dominant arm to go along with Craig Kimbrel and David Carpenter - one of the other surprises - will be a big help in another month.

Taking three from the Marlins is a nice little bounce-back after a rough trip to Philadelphia, and now the Braves will look to continue the success against the San Diego Padres.

Win Expectancy Chart

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