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Jason Heyward is nearing a return

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Hip, hip, Hey-ray!

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Heyward, who has been out of action since August 21 with a broken jaw, is nearing a return to baseball activity.

J-Hey visited with his doctors and had rubber bands removed from his mouth, according to MLB's Mark Bowman. He was also fitted for a mouth guard. Then, the Braves' phenomenal "sideline" reporter, Tom Hart, dropped this during the pregame show.

There's still a long way for Heyward to go before being ready for the big leagues, but with more than three weeks remaining before the NLDS is scheduled to begin (Thursday, Oct. 3), it's truly a great sign to see Jason getting back to normal. The Braves are going to need him if they're going to make a run at the World Series.