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Weekend Dump: DC mayor nixes roof idea; one less former Expo; "It pays to cheat"

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Welcome to the Dump.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Nats owner wanted roof on stadium, mayor said no - WaPo

Good thing, too. Otherwise, DC residents and fans would be calling for both Ted Lerner's AND Mayor Gray's heads for having to foot the bill.

Ted Lilly announces retirement - NBC Sports

Lilly retires with 130 wins and two All-Star selections in a 15-year career spanning six teams, and is the latest former Expo to retire. That leaves 10 players still active who can say they once played for the Expos: Bartolo Colon, Endy Chavez, Scott Downs, Luis Ayala, Brendan Harris, Juan Rivera, Maicer Izturis, Jon Rauch, Bruce Chen, and Shawn Hill, who didn't pitch at all in 2013.

Rockies GM O'Dowd calls out Dexter Fowler - Purple Row

Apparently, this isn't the first time O'Dowd has publicly called out his players: Ubaldo Jimenez had to endure it, and team ownership previously criticized Troy Tulowitzki for "being all about Tulo".

Dodgers sign Dan Haren, want more pitching - LA Times

Both Josh Beckett and Chad Billingsley will be coming off surgery, while also having one year remaining on their contracts (Billingsley has an option for 2015). The Dodgers already have Edinson Volquez and Chris Capuano and are presumably looking at Masahiro Tanaka.

Cardinals draw intense criticism for Jhonny Peralta signing - USA Today

The scrutiny in large part comes from D-backs pitcher/player rep Brad Ziegler...

…as well as pitcher David Aardsma.

Ryan Braun says he's made up with urine collector - Yahoo

According to Braun, he showed up with his fiancée at Laurenzi's house on Tuesday and had dinner with him and his family, and said they have made amends. That certainly sounds like a nice gesture, until you read that he announced this to the press THE VERY NEXT DAY, which reeks of publicity-seeking and desperation to avoid a lawsuit. Even if this is true and he genuinely tried making amends with Laurenzi, it's going to take a lot more than a make-up dinner to get everyone to like him again.

Ricky Nolasco signs four-year deal with Twins - ESPN

Somewhere, Brian McCann is rubbing his hands together and laughing evilly.