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Wednesday Reads: Help Pick the Hall of Fame Ballot, Selig's Influence

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Is that a thing?

Jim McIsaac

If you're already a bit sick of being cooped up with family for the holiday (I went through it already Sunday and Monday), entertain yourself with some MLB links from around the web.

Deadspin Buys Hall Of Fame Vote, Will Turn It Over To Deadspin Readers -

The Hall of Fame balloting process has been a joke for awhile, but now it really is. Deadspin bought the vote of a BBWAA voter and is letting their readers pick their ballot. It'll be interesting to see how this develops and how the "professionals" will react to it.

Every player eligible for the Hall of Fame deserves respect -

Related to the Hall of Fame shenanigans above is this great piece on the onslaught of new players eligible for the HOF and how the limited balloting process makes them kind of pushed aside. The list of guys is huge, so the analysis of why they shouldn't be completely overlooked and dismiss is great and kind of necessary.

Glavine hopes to enter Hall in good company -

Mark Bowman has a great article on Tom Glavine's thoughts as he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame. Obviously he should and will make it; it's just a matter of if he'll be a first-ballot guy. He could get in at the same time as Greg Maddux and possibly Bobby Cox. How phenomenal would that be? I'd make the trip up to Cooperstown for sure. Glavine also recently did an interview answering fan questions that's worth a watch:

The slippery slope of the Selig era - Baseball Nation

The article tackles all the changes Selig has implemented within the MLB, from the wild cards to instant replay. The overall takeaway seems to be that one change leads to more changes which snowballs to more changes. When will it stop?!

David Price Has A Bit Of Thanksgiving Travel Advice For Women: 'Let Ur Man Drive!' - Huffington Post

Oh David Price. The trade rumors have swirled for months now, but now his twitter has gotten almost equal coverage. I think his intentions were good, but the execution was just dumb. The round-up of responses at the source is gold. Jeremy Guthrie's was the best.

When Logos Go Wrong -

While not strictly baseball related, there are plenty of great ones in there. I LOVE bizarre logos (the Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes are my favorite) but there were still some fun ones that I hadn't seen before along with a lot of history. If the Braves choose to rename for when they're in Cobb County, I hope it's something fierce, like the Pummeling Peaches.