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Weekend Dump: Miggy and Cutch win MVP, Byrd flies to former nest, Kershaw and Scherzer get WWE treatment

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H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY

Amidst all the hullabaloo about the Braves moving out of Turner Field, and the eventual demolition of said stadium, here is a look at some of the happenings around MLB this week.

Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen win MVP - ESPN

Cabrera wins his second straight MVP, while Cutch wins his first and is only the fourth center fielder to win the award. McCutchen beat out Yadier Molina and Paul Goldschmidt by a large margin; perhaps leading the Pirates to their first postseason since 1992 might have had something to do with that.

Boras bashes Mets, Astros, Cubs for not spending enough - Yahoo

It's Scott Boras. What did you expect?

Marlon Byrd returns to Phillies on two-year deal - ESPN

Now all the Phillies need is to sign Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell and they'll have their 2003 outfield!

Brian Wilson chooses beard over Yankees - WSJ

That thing is going to take over his whole head eventually. The only way it'll come off is if someone hacks it off in his sleep.

Orioles could trade Matt Wieters - FOX Sports

Ken Rosenthal reports that Baltimore could trade Wieters, who is a good defensive catcher, but his OPS has dropped each of the last three years. He's also a Boras client.

Kershaw, Scherzer win Cy Young Awards - ESPN

Shocking. As a reward, they get WWE championship belts from Vince McMahon. Craig Kimbrel was tied for fourth in voting.