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Braves Agree to One Year Deal with Jonny Venters

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Braves avoid arbitration with Jonny Venters

Scott Cunningham

UPDATE: The deal is worth $1.625M, which is what Venters earned last season.

The Braves and Jonny Venters have agreed to a one year deal, avoiding arbitration, according to Dave O'Brien of the AJC.

O'Brien also reported that his Tommy John Surgery should have him back in either April or May of next year. To be safe, I would say expect him back in May. Keep in mind that this was Jonny's second Tommy John Surgery, which is historically even more difficult to come back from. Hopefully the Braves got a good deal on Jonny, because I was not exactly expecting him to be back due to the emergence of Luis Avilan and other relief pitchers.

Venters has been one of the Braves best relief pitchers in the past 10 years, despite struggling at times in 2012. His injury last season likely caused him to be a bit undervalued compared to how dominant he was when he was on in 2010 and 2011. The terms of the deal have not yet been stated, we will update the post accordingly when we find that information.

Welcome back Jonny.