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Braves vs. Dodgers, NLDS Game 4: Clayton Kershaw starting, Freddy Garcia's ready to "make pitch"

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Some pre-game notes as the Braves prepare to play what could be their final game of the season

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The Braves and Dodgers are set to play Game 4 of the NLDS this evening at 9:30 p.m. ET. A loss ends the Braves' season, while a win would force Game 5, which I'm not sure my heart would be able to withstand for three hours on Wednesday night.

It seemed like the Dodgers were set on using Ricky Nolasco for Game 4, but the club announced a little while ago that Clayton Kershaw would be making the start instead. Kershaw has never pitched on short rest in his career, and he's coming off a game in which he threw 124 pitches over seven innings.

He's also the best pitcher on the planet, so even if he's not 100 percent, it still could be a long night for the Bravos.

Some people like the move. If Kershaw pitches like he usually does, it should be more than enough to beat Freddy Garcia and the bipolar Braves lineup. Others aren't too sure of the move, and while it may work out, L.A. could be jeopardizing their chances moving forward.

As for Freddy Garcia, AJC reporter David O'Brien tweeted this quote out last night and it's basically gone viral across the Braves Twittersphere.

"I just make pitch."

If the Braves somehow knock Kershaw around tonight and win the series, "I just make pitch." might very well go on the outfield walls at the Ted.

Go Braves. This could very well be the last meaningful game we get to watch for six months.