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MLB playoffs predictions: Bloggers split on Braves vs. Dodgers

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Regardless of who comes out on top, everyone feels the series will go five games.


The NLDS is just a few hours away. Let's make some predictions! Here's some of the Talking Chop staff with their thoughts on how the series will play out.

Scott Coleman: Braves in 5

I originally liked the Dodgers in 5, but I worry about their injuries. I think this is a low-scoring series with all of the games being decided by a run or two. The simple fact is that when Jason Heyward plays, the Braves tend to win. Jason Heyward will be playing. The lineup takes off to a different level when he's leading off, and behind a couple of impressive starts behind Kris Medlen and Julio Teheran, Atlanta edges L.A. to advance to the NLCS.

Dan Simpson: Braves in 5

If the Braves are going to win this series, they're more than likely going to have to it against Clayton Kershaw. Fortunately they have just the guy to do it. Medlen has been absolutely dominant over the past 4-6 weeks, and I suspect he'll continue to dominate against a Dodgers lineup that is a bit dinged up. With Jason Heyward back atop the lineup where he belongs, the Braves offense should be able to keep scoring runs. Kris Medlen NLDS MVP.

Andrew Sisson: Dodgers in 5

I think it will be a very even series, but it's going to be real tough going up against Greinke and Kershaw. However, I do think the Braves advantage in the bullpen will be a bigger factor than most think because of the two off days in the series. On offense, we've seen the boom or bust capabilities all season, meaning the could just as easily win in 3 or lose in 3. I think it's close series, but ultimately Kershaw shows why he's the CY Young in Game 5.

Ben Duronio: Braves in 5

I think the Braves have the better offense, defense, and bullpen at this point in time. The distinct advantage the Dodgers have in the rotation is evident, but the other factors are big as well. If the Braves are able to get solid starts from the top three in their rotation then I like their odds to take down the Dodgers in the NLDS.

In the Talking Chop podcast, Mark and Franklin took the Braves in 5 while Craig Goldstein likes the Dodgers in 5.