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Dave Wallace Named Orioles Pitching Coach

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Braves Lose Minor League Pitching Coordinator to Orioles

Kevin C. Cox

According to the Orioles' twitter feed, Dave Wallace has been named the team's new pitching coach.

Dave Wallace is the Braves' former minor league pitching coordinator and filled in for Roger McDowell when he was suspended a few years ago by the MLB.

With the rumor a few weeks ago about McDowell potentially being looked at by other teams, Wallace makes any departure by McDowell hurt a lot more. If McDowell were to leave, it was reasonable to expect Wallace to fill in and be the team's new pitching coach. Wallace is known as a respectable pitching mind and I expect the Orioles will be happy with their new addition. Let's hope the Braves hang onto McDowell, as I cannot state often enough how important I think he has been to this team.