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Report: Roger McDowell May Be a Pitching Coach Candidate for Phillies

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The Phillies May Pursue Roger McDowell


According to Mark Bowman, the Phillies may approach Roger McDowell to take over pitching coach duties in Philadelphia.

I am not sure enough credit has been given to McDowell during his tenure as pitching coach in Atlanta. The Braves have the second lowest ERA in baseball since McDowell arrived in 2005, behind only the Dodgers during that span. Consider that the Braves have not had a pitcher as dominant or as talented as Clayton Kershaw during that time frame and you can begin to realize how good McDowell's squads have been over the past number of years.

It could be a much bigger loss than many would immediately think if McDowell were to leave the team. Even worse, he could end up heading to a division rival. I really hope McDowell stays in Atlanta, as he has provided much more value than the average Braves fan thinks, in my estimation.