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BJ, Justin, and Kate Upton cover Sports Illustrated

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Sorry, Justin Verlander, Kate Upton is a Braves fan now

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

It finally happened. All three Uptons in one place. Kate, BJ, and Justin Upton cover this week's Sports Illustrated as a preview for the playoffs.


via SI's Swim Daily

The issue features an article about if the Upton brothers can help bring a title home to Atlanta, which doesn't seem to be available online yet. My hope is that this will be a reverse cover jinx and BJ will become World Series MVP. A slideshow of more pictures from the shoot can be found here.

Additionally, the Upton brothers had ridiculously amazing life-sized bobblehead dolls made of themselves thanks to 5 Gum.


via 5 Gum

The glove actually dispenses gum to help them be prepared for the playoffs. Hysterical. I love all the media coverage of the Braves going into the NLDS tomorrow and hopefully it's a sign of good things to come.