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Dan Uggla Left Off Postseason Roster

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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

As bad as Dan Uggla has been, I definitely did not expect him to get entirely left off the postseason roster. According to Mark Bowman, an industry source has stated that is exactly what will happen for the NLDS.

Uggla was terrible this year offensively, which is the only facet of his game which is useful. With his offense down and defense bad as it usually is, the Braves have opted to go with Elliot Johnson at second base and a bench filled with mostly defense-first skill sets.

Even though it is surprising, it isn't hard to understand why the Braves went this route. He has provided nothing since his eye surgery. One must start to wonder what this means for Uggla's future with the team. He is still owed $26 million over the next two years.