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Atlanta Braves Spring Training Top Twitter List

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I thought I'd try something different this morning. Instead of a normal top list or some third party writeup, I'd like to share how you can get more of a first-hand view of what goes on at spring training. The use of Twitter by professional athletes has given fans a great insight into the lives and humor of our favorite sports stars. Whether you follow the big name guys or the minor leaguers trying to make it to the Majors, Twitter is a great way to be more connected to these rare individuals who are good enough to play baseball professionally.

Below is the list of all Atlanta Braves players currently in Major League spring training camp. Sign up for you own Twitter account and follow along with these guys as they prepare for the season. And remember to follow me @gondeee.

Rank Player @Twitter Icon Followers Comments
1 Jason Heyward @JasonHeyward 102,177 J-Hey has been dominating the Twitter scene amongst Braves players since his promotion to the Majors two years ago. He's a great player to follow, often answers fans' questions, and tweets adorable pictures of his black lab, also named J-Hey.
2 Freddie Freeman @FreddieFreeman 43,857
A good player to follow, he interacts with fans quite a bit.
3 Peter Moylan @PeterMoylan 36,795 Possibly the funniest Braves player on Twitter (he better hope David Ross doesn't get an account). He and Medlen are always yammering back and forth on Twitter, which is generally comedic in nature.
4 Kris Medlen @KrisMedlen54 18,469 Medlen used to just be @KrisMedlen, but he deleted that account after making some comments (I plead the fifth). He's a very active tweeter, and a great player to follow to get insight into the clubhouse.
5 Tommy Hanson @TommyHanson48 17,976 This account was apparently created for Hanson by Medlen, and while he has a lot of followers, Hanson has tweeted only a handful of times in over a year. Hopefully that will change one day.
6 Brandon Beachy @Brandon_Beachy 9,450 The newest Braves player on Twitter, Beachy is gaining a following. His gives us some good insight into his life, and hopefully that will continue during the season.
7 Matthew Diaz @diazfoundation 5,871 This account is more for Matty-D's philanthropic foundation, but he does include a lot of personal tweets from it.
8 Cory Gearrin @CoryGearrin 5,095 Cory is super nice and a very devout Christian, and that shows through in his tweets. It's a good account to follow to see how players lift themselves up.
9 Adam Russell @AdamRussell36 4,503 The super-tall non-roster reliever in camp, he pitched last year in Tampa Bay. I've only recently discovered his account and started following him, but he seems to be a humble guy with a great sense of humor.
10 Joseph Terdoslavich @JoeTerdoslavich 1,610 He changed his Twitter handle from @JTerdo7 a few months back, but he's still telling his story through Twitter in the same way. A good player to follow for day to day tweets about what it's like trying to climb the ladder.
11 J.J. Hoover @JJ_Hoover 810 Great guy to follow for fan interaction. He has a great chance to see some Major League time this year, so follow him now to watch the entire journey unfold.
12 Luis Armando Avilan @lavilan70 575 Following Luis is a good way to brush up on your Spanish, as all of his tweets are en Espanol.
13 Christian Bethancourt @ChristianBeth27 505 Super-nice kid, and it comes through on Twitter. He tweets in both English and Spanish; he is new to Twitter, but should be fun to follow as he climbs the ladder.
14 Ezekiel Spruill @zekespruill 369 Great guy to follow for inspiration and to watch the struggle to get better as a player day in and day out.
15 Todd Cunningham @Todd_Cunningham 359 A good multi-talented guy to follow, as both a budding baseball star and a budding musician.
16 Erik Cordier @Cords11 203 He fell off from tweeting over the winter, but hopefully now that the spring is here he'll pick it up again.

If I missed any Braves player with a Twitter account in Major League spring training camp, please let me know. You can view a complete list of all Braves players on Twitter, Major Leaguers and minor leaguers, on the right sidebar of the main page of this site. That list is kept as current and up to date as I can keep it.