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Bobbleheads Are Back For The Braves In 2012

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I'm a sucker for bobbleheads. I love 'em! I'll drive hours out of my way if I know a team is giving away a bobblehead. So it was good news in 2011 when the Braves gave us three bobblehead nights, and they have answered the call once again in 2012, with three more bobblehead nights.

  • June 9 vs. the Toronto Blue Jays - "Sid Slides" Bobblehead Night presented Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola
  • June 13 vs. the New York Yankees - Craig Kimbrel Bobblehead Night presented by Delta Air Lines
  • August 16 vs. the San Diego Padres - Chipper Jones Bobblehead Night presented by Coca-Cola

Oh yes! For real, the Sid Slides Bobblehead is going to be awesome, I just know it. I have asked the Braves for a picture of this soon-to-be classic bobblehead, and I'll post it if and when they send it along. They did a Chipper bobblehead last year too, so I'm surprised they didn't replace him with a McCann bobble this year.


Other than that there are some "Civil" promotions happening this year at the Ted. The band The Civil Wars will perform pregame on opening night, and sing the National Anthem. And the Civil Rights game is once again in Atlanta this year, on the weekend of August 17th though the 19th. There's a Lynyrd Skynrd postgame concert on September 1st, and a few other of the usual promotions.