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Braves Re-Sign Outfielder Reed Johnson

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The Braves wrap up Johnson for two years.

Scott Cunningham

The Atlanta Braves wrapped up a big piece of their bench, agreeing on a one-year contract with outfielder Reed Johnson, that also includes a club option for 2014. Great move by the Braves to keep Reed in the fold. He's the gritty kind of hard-nosed player that Atlanta fans love, and one of the best pinch-hitters in the game.

The Braves are still looking for a left-handed bench option to pair with Johnson, though longtime pinch hitter Eric Hinske has departed, signing earlier this week with Arizona.

Great signing by the Braves, keep them coming...

UPDATE 10:30am

Here are Johnson's salary details, per Yahoo reporter Jeff Passan:

Reed Johnson's one-year deal is for $1.6M with $150K in incentives. Club option is for $1.6M with $150K buyout. Guarantee $1.75M, max $3.5M.

That's a good deal for a backup the quality of Johnson. Hinske got $1.35 from the Braves in '11 (and this year from the D'Backs) and $1.5 in 2012. 'Ski was pretty much one-dimensional as a pinch hitter though, and Johnson, in addition to being a good pinch-hitter, can offer more in the field.