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Around the NL East: R.A. Dickey Traded to Toronto, Phillies Make Several Moves

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Since the world didn't end yesterday, it's back to the regular grind, but thankfully it starts with a weekend.

Jeff Curry

You know what always amuses me? When you read in stories of agents, managers, GMs, or players communicating with the media, and communicating through text messages. Aside from the fact that so many people use shorthand text when texting, just think about where you use your phone the most when texting. Me? I look at my phone more when I'm waiting in lines at Starbucks, sitting at restaurants with people when conversations hit lulls, and yes, the bathroom.

I can imagine a free agent sitting at TGI Fridays, or waiting in line at the DMV, or while sitting on the throne thinking "you know, now seems like a great time to get back to Ken Rosenthal."

no u didnt think i kno marlisn wanted me?

And then Ken Rosenthal has to write up in his story "so-and-so was aware that the Marlins were interested him, stated in an official text message."

Welcome back to the basement. And happy holidays.


R.A. Dickey traided to Toronto Blue Jays - AA
The NL's reigning Cy Young Award winner was shipped off to the Toronto Blue Jays along with Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas, for catcher John Buck, prospects P Noah Syndergaard, OF Wuilmer Becerra, and highly-touted catching prospect Travis d'Arnaud. Dickey will also get close to his desired two-year/$25M extension in the process. AA has all the minute details.

As expected, Dickey parts with the Mets with class and graciousness - NY Times
In an attempt to repair all bridges and clear the air before departing, Dickey let it all out on the table in his final talks with the Mets' brass.

Unfortunately one of the new guys arrives amidst offensive controversy already - NY Post
Granted, it's simply one of those situations where professional athletes can't actually use locker room speak on Twitter and have it be ignored like the other 99% of Twitter users, so when he uses a phrase found potentially offensive to the homosexual community, it will be discovered, dissected, and eventually crucified in the New York media.

d'Arnaud is a little bit ahead in that personality department though - NY Daily News
No longer a Phillies prospect, d'Arnaud doesn't feel so bad about coming into New York and exclaiming his admiration and desire to be like former Met catcher, Mike Piazza. Ironically, he 2012 in AAA-Las Vegas as a Jays prospect, but due to the realignment of minor league affiliations, it looks like d'Arnaud will be spending a good part of 2013 back in Las Vegas as it's now a Mets affiliate. But if his production continues, it won't be that long.

Did you know that d'Arnaud has been a trade chip for now, two Cy Young pitchers? - MetsBlog
Travis d'Arnaud is the first player to have been traded for two different Cy Young Award winning pitchers now, having first been traded from the Phillies in the deal that netted them Roy Halladay, and now the Mets for R.A. Dickey. It's still not too late for a third traid, eh, eh?

Frank Francisco has elbow surgery - AA
But not in the Tommy John sense, surgery to remove a bone spur removed from his right elbow. AA brings the best of unbiased and unobjective writing on the Mets blogosphere.

Daniel Murphy can never make the Mets happy apparently - MetsBlog
Earlier in his career, Murphy was always a guy whose bat outshined his defense. He worked hard and often, and following 2012, he was praised by Sandy Alderson as being "acceptable" and "probably average," with his fielding at second base. Unfortunately now that his fielding had improved, it was apparently open season to criticize the disappointing power, as Murph also happened to post his lowest the OPS of his career.

Mike Pelfrey signs with Twins after being non-tendered by Mets - NY Times
Honestly, I didn't think this kind of thing would happen, as I'd have guessed so many teams would be weary about signing a guy coming off of Tommy John, and that the parent team would have the advantage with familiar medical staff, and little details. But when a pitching-starved team like the Twins comes knocking with $4M guaranteed with potential for incentives and understanding that he probably won't start the season, it's easier to walk away from the team that gave you your break.

Mets acquire Collin Cowgill from Athletics - AA
A pretty minor move, but the Mets get a right-handed batting outfielder, which is what they wanted. Sent to Oakland for Cowgill was 21-year old Jefry Marte, whom hasn't really flashed either a good batting average, or on-base percentage, or slugging. Seems pretty inconsequential in the end.


Bad news for the Braves: Phillies sign John Lannan to one-year deal - Beerleaguer
Ironically, this is also kind of bad news for the Phillies too, since they pretty much eat John Lannan's lunch every time they face him, so they lose that luxury while he's pitching for them instead. But for what it's worth, this means the Braves will have to continuously face their old tormentor, but what I'm most looking forward to seeing is how John Lannan fares against the team that drug him through the muck over the last two years in the Nationals.

Mike Adams signs two-year deal with Phillies - TGP
The deal is worth $12M in total, and Adams will undoubtedly be serving to be the set-up man for Jonathan Papelbon. As many have already pointed out earlier, Adams' peripherals took a little bit of a decline, but paying for guys with deteriorating skill sets seems to be the Phillies' motif.

Speaking of which, they're possibly interested in assuming a massive contract while getting the declining Vernon Wells - TGP
Sounds about right. Wells is owed $42 million for the remaining two years left on the absurd deal that the Blue Jays were dumb enough to give him five years ago, that the Angels were dumber to pick up, but for whatever reason the Phillies have some eyes on him currently. But I would worry if they managed to get Cody Ross.

Interesting ideas, but this much platooning says something - Phillies Nation
Platoons exist because it means players are good under certain circumstances, but also royally suck in others. Considering Ryan Howard and Michael Young are perceived "stars," and making money like stars, it kind of comes with a glimpse of futility that ideas like this focus on getting them out of the lineup under particular and likely frequent circumstances.


Adam LaRoche doesn't mind playing the waiting game - Nationals Journal
When asked if there was a specific date or time frame he had in mind to get his contract situation resolved, this is what Roachy had to say:

"April 1."

Those bucks aren't going to kill themselves y'know, Roachy's got other things to keep him preoccupied this offseason.

A bunch of reasons why Roachy probably won't get the three-year deal he's hoping to get from the Nationals - MASN
It's nothing that a lot of us weren't already aware of, like the simple fact that the team currently doesn't need him with their current alignment of signed assets, and of course, the always laughable idea of moving Ryan Zimmerman to first base that seems to pop up like fungus every off-season these days.

Mostly because of prospects like Anthony Rendon - The Nats Blog
Recently ranked the top prospect of the Nationals, Rendon's bat has been far readier for the majors than his defense. But naturally a third baseman, you can see how there is a conflict with the Nationals' major league plans to incorporate Rendon, unless someone makes a move somewhere.

But if Roachy doesn't play baseball, he can just make safety PSAs - Nats Enquirer
This is an amusing safety video that Roachy put together for the state of Kansas, and to no surprise, he does not bother to remove his Ultimate Warrior-like hunting face paint. I'm sometimes baffled how a guy born in the OC turns out as huge of a redneck that Roachy does, bless his heart though.

If you're trying to make Drew Storen not feel like Brad Lidge, this is not the way - Nats Insider
Drew Storen will be fine. He's a fine pitcher that had a bad day and was not getting some calls. The less things like this are published about Drew Storen, the sooner he'd be able to move forward and get back to asserting himself as a good closer.

Mike Morse's modest holiday lights - The Bog
Just kidding, they're overblown and obnoxious just like Mike Morse.


Marlins actually spend some money, sign Placido Polanco to one-year deal - Palm Beach Post
The deal is worth $2.75M, and Polanco, fresh from hobbling through his tenure with the Phillies will be slated to play third-base for the Marlins in 2013.

Marlins probably waited too long, fumble up potential deal with Angels - Fish Stripes
The Angels had way too many extra outfielders, especially with the emergence of Mike Trout and the acquisition of Josh Hamilton. But then the Mariners had to come along and snare Kendry Morales from the Angels, leaving the logjam of one outfielder and DH between two candidates instead of three. The Marlins are more interested in Mark Trumbo over Peter Bourjos, but wouldn't you have it, he's the one the Angels would rather hold onto more.