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Andruw Jones To Sign With Japanese Team

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Longtime Braves center fielder will take his baseball career across the Pacific.


Andruw Jones hasn't been a member of the Atlanta Braves for five years now, but he will always be that kid with the wry smile who thrilled us in center field for over a decade; and most Braves fans still have a love for him as the player they remember gliding effortlessly to many a deep fly balls.

Now that kid is 35 years old, and has bounced around to four different teams since leaving Atlanta, but his next team will be a world away. Per ESPN:

The Rakuten Eagles of Japan's Pacific League say they are set to sign veteran major league outfielder Andruw Jones.

The 35-year-old Jones became a free agent after playing for the New York Yankees the last two seasons, and the Eagles said he is expected to complete a deal after undergoing a physical.

Jones hit just .194 last season, so he certainly seems to be in the latter stages of the decline phase of his baseball career. I loved watching Jones play the field, and I even liked watching him hit, especially during his 51 home run season in 2005. I wish him the best in Japan.