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Lots Of Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors ... Finally

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It's been a slow day-one of the Baseball Winter Meetings for Atlanta Braves trade rumors, that is, until now. Here are a few of the hits from this evening. First off, Gordon Edes says to rule out Jed Lowrie as an option for Atlanta:


No follow-up on what exactly a "spruve" is, but they seem to know what they're talking about. DOB and Bowman also tweeted that Wren said the team was ready to go to spring training with Tyler Pastornicky as their starting shortstop, and were just looking for a backup. That could mean that the Braves only want to add to their offense in left field.


Troy Renck, a Rockies beat writer, has been all over the rumors that Colorado is interested in Martin Prado. Here is his latest:


That could mean that the Rockies are getting serious about upping their offer (fingers crossed).

Finally, Jon Heyman says the Reds are "very interested" in Jair Jurrjens:


Not sure if that means there are 10 teams who are interested in Jurrjens, or if the Reds are looking at starting pitching trade options with 10 different teams ... OR if the Reds are trying to pull off the rare 10-way trade.

If you wanted rumors, you got heeem. (Sorry, too much Millar this afternoon.) Seems like a lot of possibilities opening up, and if there really are 10 teams interested in Jurrjens (as there should be) then the Braves should be able to exact a king's ransom for him. He's probably the best starter on the trade market.

More to come as it develops... (also, do y'all like the tweet style I'm using for these rumors?)