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Braves Rookie Closer Craig Kimbrel Wins SB Nation ROY

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Craig Kimbrel, the presumptive NL Rookie of the Year (he's won every "other" ROY already).
Craig Kimbrel, the presumptive NL Rookie of the Year (he's won every "other" ROY already).

Atlanta Braves rookie closer Craig Kimbrel keeps earning honors this off-season. Having already won the Sporting News Rookie Of The Year Award two weeks ago, today Kimbrel was named the SB Nation National League Rookie of the Year. The SB Nation baseball blogs all voted on this award, overwhelmingly naming Kimbrel the ROY.

First baseman Freddie Freeman came in third in the voting, receiving the most second place votes, though he was beaten out for second place by Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa. Freeman's numbers were better than Espinosa's across the board, so I assume Espinosa is getting bonus points for playing a position in which offense is harder to come by -- second base versus first base. What put Espinosa over Freeman was likely the four first place votes he received.

Brandon Beachy came in sixth place in the voting, receiving one second place vote and four third place votes.

Rank Name 1st 2nd 3rd Total
1 Craig Kimbrel 22 4 2 124
2 Danny Espinosa 4 6 8 46
3 Freddie Freeman 8 3 27
4 Vance Worley 1 5 3 23
5 Wilson Ramos 1 2 5 16
6 Brandon Beachy 1 4 7
7 Cory Luebke 1 3
8 Lucas Duda 1 3
9 Mark Melancon 1 1
10 Allen Craig 1 1
11 Kenley Jansen 1 1

The SB Nation NL Cy Young will be announced on Wednesday, and I can tell you that a Braves pitcher did in fact receive a vote. The real Rookie of the Year award will be announced next Monday by the Baseball Writers Association of America.