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Braves GM Wren On Dealing At Winter Meetings

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This was a video from a couple of weeks ago, but as nothing has happened since then, it still seems relevant (and I didn't see it until just now).

The Winter Meetings start next week, and if I had to guess, I would say that the Braves will probably make a move. That's as much a guess based on my belief that the Braves (finally) desire a left-fielder with somewhat-prodigious power, as much as it is a belief that there are enough teams out there who really want a player like Martin Prado or a starting pitcher like Jair Jurrjens. Those two players are probably the best trade chips the Braves have had in decades -- and they seem willing to part with both of them if the return is to their liking.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I also think that the Braves would listen on Jonny Venters. Not that Atlanta wants to trade him, but another team with an opening at closer could see him as a viable option there (which he likely would be). From the Braves perspective, while he is probably the most valuable setup man in baseball, Kris Medlen could assume the setup role, and Venters has a lot of mileage on his arm the past two years, having made the most appearances in the Majors during that time. One has to wonder how long he can keep that up, and continue to be as effective as he has been since arriving in the Majors. It would have to be a deal where the Braves get the young left-field bat (or center-fielder for the post-Bourn era) they really want.

I'm wildly speculating, but in this market of over-priced closers, some team might find it more affordable to give up talent in a trade for a closer rather than commit a large portion of their salary to one. So much has been made of the Braves excess of starting pitching it's almost overlooked that Atlanta has two closers and several other late-inning relief options. And like GM Wren said, good young players under team control are in demand. This is only speculation, but it seems reasonable to me. (If you comment, be gentle.)