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Braves Quote For The Day ... Deal Could Be Near, Or Not

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It's gonna be hard for Braves players to let Martin Prado go.
It's gonna be hard for Braves players to let Martin Prado go.

A tweet this morning from David O'Brien:

Conspicuous silence past couple of days from Braves front office makes me think a deal is probably near. Just a hunch, though.

A few days ago from Jerry Crasnick:

Braves in listening mode, but not very far along in trade talks involving Martin Prado, Jair Jurrjens or anyone else on roster.

Really, this underscores the general M.O. of the Braves front office. While they have been a bit more forthcoming to the press in recent years about their intentions in the trade market under General Manager Frank Wren than they were under General Manager John Schuerholtz, their is no reason why they can't slip back into their cone of silence at any time.

Perhaps too many rumors were floating around about the Braves efforts to trade Prado and Jurrjens, both of whom are popular players in the Braves clubhouse. These rumors may not have been going over too well with some of the Braves players, so instead of furthering their validity by commenting on them, the front office will instead remain silent until a deal is actually done (if one gets done).

A little over a week ago, Wren did some initial damage control on that front by shooting down any Prado or Jurrjens trade talk in an interview on Sirius XM radio. Trading Derek Lowe is one thing. He may have been liked in the clubhouse, but everyone likely knew that he would probably get traded. Prado and Jurrjens are a different story. I imagine if either are traded there will be some quotes from Braves players about how much they hate to see them get traded, and how unfortunate it is the team decided to trade them.

It's been quote some time since the Braves were attempting to trade a player with a long tenure in Atlanta who was well-liked in the clubhouse. Now they're attempting to unload two of those types of players.