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It Could Be A Busy Day For The Braves

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It could be Prado's last week as a Brave.
It could be Prado's last week as a Brave.

Today is likely to be an eventful day for the Atlanta Braves. The Baseball Writers Association of America announces the real Rookie of the Year award at 2pm this afternoon, and seeing as how our own Craig Kimbrel has won every other previous version of that award this off-season, it is likely that he will be named the National League's top rookie. Huzzah!

The General Managers and Owners meetings also start today in Milwaukee. Trader Wren will surely be approached by many GMs seeing what it will take to pry Jair Jurrjens and/or Martin Prado (and/or anyone else on the team) away from Atlanta. The Braves needs have been pretty clearly stated: a shortstop and a corner outfield bat.

It's not clear yet if the Braves want to trade away Jurrjens and Prado to clear salary for a free agent signing, or simply because they feel the value of those two players will help them fill other needs. While a trade in not a certainty, it does seem like something is poised to happen, as Atlanta has been moving quickly this off-season.

Colorado beat writer Troy Renck has been all over the Prado-to-the-Rockies rumors, and brings us this latest update on the eve of the meetings:

Going after the Braves' Martin Prado​ in a trade makes complete sense. With apologies to Carroll, a steady player and leader, Prado brings high character and more power.

The Braves like Seth Smith, but want another piece, preferably a center fielder. Talks could heat up quickly at this week's general managers meetings in Milwaukee if the Rockies include Tim Wheeler or Charlie Blackmon.

Renck spends most of the article saying how the Rockies weren't as aggressive as they should have been last year with free agents, but seem to be taking a more aggressive posture this year in going after their needs. After they lost out on Jamey Carroll, they may decide to get more aggressive in their pursuit of Prado.

I still see some several other teams entering the Prado sweepstakes before a trade is actually made (if one is made). I personally really like Marteeen, and I hope the Braves don't trade him, but it certainly seems like they intend to deal him if an offer is to their liking.