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Braves Interested In Shortstop Jamey Carroll

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Per a Jerry Crasnick tweet this morning:

Braves and Phillies among other clubs with interest in Jamey Carroll, BB sources say. Not sure where they fit in the mix.

First thought: "so the Braves want to get older at shortstop?" Second thought: "Carroll's really a utility guy who was forced to play full time last year, wasn't he?" I'm on board the Carroll bandwagon as far as him being a utility player, but if the Braves want him to be a starter, I gotta same I'm not blown away. The positive with him is that at least he gets on base, that would be an improvement over Sea Bass.

I wonder if he's sort of a fallback if the Braves can't free up payroll to sign a guy like J-Roll (mentioned earlier this morning).

Keep in mind that the Braves have traditionally liked middle infielders like Carroll. He gives me a Rafael Belliard / Walt Weiss vibe.


Crasnick adds this via a tweet:

The ageless Jamey Carroll is close to signing a multi-year deal in next few days, I'm hearing. He hit .290 in 452 ABs w /Dodgers

That should get some folks to panic...


Ken Rosenthal just tweeted this:

Sources: Braves, Indians not among finalists for Jamey Carroll.

After tworrying about it all morning, I think this is for the best. He likely wanted a multi-year deal, and to be a starter, and it didn't seem like he fit for the Braves. I still like him as a utility guy.